Creative Leadership on KPIs Driven Businesses

“A creative leader induces others to focus the process and process skills on meeting their challenges. They become consultants or facilitators in the process of solving the challenge rather than giving orders or doing the work themselves. Having transferred ownership, they then help others to achieve their own goals. These creative leadership skills hardly fit with the traditional management style that most organizations employ, but they can be learned.”

Basadur, Min. “Leading Others to Think Innovatively Together: Creative Leadership.” The Leadership Quarterly 15.1 (2004): 103-21.

Based on this quote, we assume the Creative Leadership is based on following an already existing process, focusing on people’s unique ways of working and how to help them to overcome barriers and reach their maximum potential in order to achieve the objectives.

A business that embraces diversity and values each one’s creativity is more capable to adapt itself for changes then the ones that are strict to ways of working and avoid innovation. While being creative in a environment of change, most of us will seek for opportunity and from new different perspectives we will automatically learn new things.

Based on a 2010 IBM Global CEO Study, creativity was the most important quality for leaders, but it’s impressive that most of organisations tend to promote leaders who do not espouse creative leadership and instead are risk-averse and maintain the status quo. In my opinion, maybe because the it’s natural behavior for us to fear the unknown and it’s always hard to do something new from what we are always used to it.

Some of the most important characteristics to apply Creative Leadership are:

  • Acting with passion and purpose
  • Promoting individual and collaborative thinking and design
  • Listening ability and communication styles
  • Providing time and space to facilitate the practicalities
  • Stimulation sense of urgency if necessary
  • Exposing colleagues to new thinking and experiences
  • Relinquishing control and Orchestrating creative team
  • Individual and team motivations
  • Envisioning a better future
  • Setting high expectations
  • Understanding of different cultures
  • Modeling of creativity and risk-taking
  • Ability to manage change
  • Using failure as a learning opportunity
  • Personal ethics

Of course that we can go deeper on some pillars that are really important to apply those characteristics while building or taking on a new team


Support employees or individuals as primary creators, influencing their creative contributions and shaping each stage of the creative process, this way working in a way to clean their paths breaking barriers and encouraging creativity while solving problems or reaching to new solutions.


Contribution and collaboration from others, as a conductor on a orchestra, providing vision and direction to musicians to bring their own single contribution. Having clear overview of what’s happening in all areas, you be able to guide every single person based on the main deliver and objective.


Ability to integrate or synthesize higher novel ideas with a variety of creative from other individuals, in a way that each one them receive credit for their distinct contribution. In this context, a successful leadership synthesizes other creative inputs and unifies as a unique, common and complete subject.

Body and Mental Health

People are not machines and should not be treated as such, we must respect each individuals timing, space and limit. Having a good sense of leadership will imply in understand how each person is feeling, encouraging them to have a good work and personal life balance and of course showing to them how important is to exercise, drink more water or even adopting healthy nutritive meals. This way people will be able to be more creative and perform better.

We might think that most of those actions are hard to perform either because we don’t have an official team either because the place we work in is KPI ( Key Performance Indicator) focused and don’t value or don’t pay attention to it.

My suggestion is to apply these practices as much as possible in every available opportunity, for example if you don’t have an official team, try to motivate the ones that are working with you, give them freedom to think and encourage them to bring new ideas and solutions to the projects.

And if you are part of a business that values a leadership based on KPIs and not by creativity, the best way is to use the KPIs as a reference of how the Creative Leadership can make a difference, guiding the team to embrace all its aspects and best practices. This way the KPIs that are the main focus of the business would be just a result based on all the effort made through the creative leadership, with this result you are able to satisfy all the parts from the main business stakeholders to the team you are working with.

Post inspired by the following content:

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Using Creative Leadership Skills to Lead Teams Effectively – Stratx

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How do I get rich?

In a world full of comparison through social media, we get used to think being rich is the solution for all problems in life, but things are not like this, more often we see famous artists or rich people in the news with depression, drug addiction or even suicide. For example, It doesn’t matter how rich you are, if you are not happy with yourself or not treating others equally, you may have all the money in the world and still be poor, so in this case wealth does not come from money itself but form other aspects in life.

Based on my experiences I’ve listed 3 main aspects that will make you rich:

#1 – Health

Your body is like a machine and health is the engine, if you don’t operate it properly or choose to fill it with bad quality fuel, it will break or ask for maintenance through diseases. Good health is the primary key to drive you to success and will be the “one step ahead” factor from your competitors. Without it, everything can get more difficult through tiredness, depression and lack of motivation. If you have any type of restrictions, focus on eating well and doing at least 30 minutes a day of any kind of physical exercises, avoiding drugs, alcohol and finishing your day with a good night of sleep.

Key points to increase health:

  • Exercise 30 minutes every single day
  • Decrease sugar and carbohydrates, increase vegetables and grains
  • Avoid any type of drugs or alcohol

#2 – Spirit

Be in peace with yourself, avoid overthinking and make your way out of depression, find balance between you and the environment, who’s in peace with yourself will be with others. Make the difference, treat others equally (from the janitor to the CEO), no prejudice or bad treatment and focus in always doing good. Have more empathy, connect with nature, find what drives you to peace. If you don’t have inner peace, you will never be satisfied with the things you have or accomplished, it’s going to be an endless journey pursuing happiness.

Key points to increase your Spirit:

  • Start doing outdoor activities, increase your contact with the nature
  • Take a moment to listen only to yourself, without any external interference, might be meditation for example or doing a solo activity
  • For each negative thought you must seek for other 2 positive ones

#3 – Knowledge

After having everything set up (Health and Spirit), you can seek for knowledge which is the key to open new paths and opportunities to your life, only like this you will be able to reach to your objectives. Knowledge is one of the true differentials in our society who values futility and appearance is more important then the actual reality.

“Knowledge is power.”

– Francis Bacon

Key points to increase knowledge:

  • Study at least 30 to 60 minutes everyday, it can be any theme you want
  • Listen to podcasts during commute
  • Filter your social media and start subscribing to good quality content that will ad value to your life

Having those 3 aspects in balance, money will eventually come to you as a consequence of all your behaviors, and maybe you won’t need as much as you might think because when being in peace with yourself and others everything will be better and will be no need of pursuing happiness through money.

Photo: Kamilla Kvamme

What to do when you feel overwhelmed?

We are often overwhelmed by demands, projects, unexpected problems or any related issues that will take our time away while increasing our daily amount stress. This is a common situation where we want to give our best to do everything or help everybody only by ourselves, disconsidering any help or delegating it for someone else, maybe because we assume that we are strong and capable enough to handle it or that we are the only ones that can reach the best result and no one would be able of doing it.

Centralize everything is a common mistake and must be avoided, even if do our best to reach 100% of accomplishment, we might hit 99% and people will talk about that 1% missed and maybe point fingers at you asking about that 1% but forgetting about the others 99% accomplished, on the same time, sense of guiltiness and low self-esteem will rise without a real reason.

Keeping our heads down working as much as we can without paying any attention to the environment we are in is not a good choice, we must stop, lift up our heads and observe both internal and external trends, understand the unique information and perspective that our function provides and define its impact on the corporate level strategy or even in our lives. Considering our capabilities and objectives we must seek and find similar people that would be capable of handling our tasks and responsibilities in order to decentralize it.

Demand decentralization allows people to maintain focus on the big picture, avoiding being bothered or distracted by minor tasks, and to focus on new or already expected responsibilities.

When decentralizing, the following elements must be considered:

Trust – Choosing the right person to handle one of your responsibilities is a complex process, having a relationship of trust with him/her is a major aspect that can drive you either to success either to failure. We must learn do abdicate our insecurities and create the sense of letting go, only like this we will be able to delegate tasks, projects and responsibilities. Trust is not blindly given, it must be built over time.

Availability & Knowledge – The people who will receive the demand must have the trust and confidence from you, knowing they are empowered to make decisions and that you will back them up in any adversity. In this case you must be ready for any cases of doubts or emergencies, always giving the right direction based on the main objectives.

Communication – A clear and precise communication is needed, it’s important to put the right reasons to do it and especially the “why” behind it. After delegating, ask the person to tell you what she understood in order to see if really matches your expectations.

Planning – Delegating is not just giving away your previous task or responsibility, it’s a way of making others to help you, it requires follow-ups and a communication plan, things can not be loose and unclear. People can not operate by their own.

Patience – It takes strength to let go, sometimes the process can be slow due to unexpected reactions from people or even lack of understanding the demand and its priority. Be patient, understand the aspects that needs improvement and find new ways of reaching your objective.

No one has the cognitive capacity, the physical presence or the knowledge of everything happening around themselves to effectively lead or heading to success. Pushing the right demands to the right people can become a unique ability that can drive you to success, this will happen often due to experience, and you’ll know when achieving it when people feel happy when being involved in the things you are part of.

Art: Untitled,ca. 1948–49 – Jackson Pollock

How to achieve greatness?

Behavior change, reaching objectives, overcoming barriers or anything related to these might be considered daily challenges for most of us, but this can become easier if we accept the reality and embrace the challenges that will come.

The most common situation that I’ve noticed is that most people set huge goals or decisions for their lives in a short period of time, such as losing 14 kilos in 4 months, running a marathon in less than 1 year of trainning, start triathlon to do a full Ironman or even start a business immediately without any plans or researches. The issue here is that you are starting from scratch and trying to reach that far objective as fast as you can avoiding or disconsidering any type of barriers like bad days, disappointments and mistakes.

We are living in a society where everybody appears to be better and happier than you, and that achieving goals seems to be pretty easy, but in real life things are not like this, it involves a lot of struggle, sweat, blood and tears, and if people tell you that things are easier than you think, they are lying to you.

A few things must be considered while setting goals or facing challenges and barriers, first of them is to Think Like a Ship, because ships don’t change their directions so fast or in a abrupt way, every decision is well though and made in small degree adjustments in its direction and speed. To turn or to stop a ship you must think about it way before doing it and execute it in small steps until it really happens. Thinking like that you can consider that the small actions in your life will drive you to change and to achieve your objectives, small actions like waking up early, choosing the right food, or dedication at least 30 minutes or 1 hour of your day to studying can really change your life path. What is 1 hour of study compared to at least 3 hours of social media wasted during the day? Chose What is Right!

Embrace the Suck! Stop expecting that life will get better or easier, accept that life is a fight regardless of what you are doing, start building mental toughness and get stronger to face all adversities that will be thrown in your way. If you want to achieve success nothing will be or ever get easier.

“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.” – John F. Kennedy

Eagles don’t fly with pigeons. Have you ever thought if the people around you are telling you good things? Or are they just putting more negativity and barriers to discourage yourself be the your best version? Surround yourself with people that will unleash who you are capable of.

Set Small Goals. Try to do the basics before doing the most outrageous accomplishment, why thinking about doing an Ironman or a Marathon if you don’t even run three times a week? First you must adapt your mind and body for a new routine, it’s easier to accomplish running once a week and then increasing to twice and then to three times. Remember that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, and it must fit inside your routine that is already full of tasks, that’s reason we must always Prioritize and Execute.

If you define big and outrageous goals, it will be easier to quit since it feels to be so far away from what you can do at this moment.

Take small steps every day toward your goals and don’t stop for any reason, only like this you will achieve greatness.

Picture: Took this photo of FDNY Engine 54 / Ladder 4 / Battalion 9 and it’s amazing flags remembering some of their roots and the fallen heroes.

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Turning Mondays Into a Better Day

It’s pretty common to feel bad about coming back to our responsibilities after a weekend or even a long period of a lot of fun. When getting closer to to it, specially by the end of the day, the mind begins to be fulfilled with bad thoughts wishing there was no tomorrow.

The thoughts and the wishes are real, we all love having fun, taking long afternoon naps and eating all kinds of delicious food but the reality is waiting for us, filled with responsibilities and annoying tasks, so there are no choices or even an escape, so we must embrace it and get it done!

But how can we get it done if the days like these seems to be endless, we lack of concentration and just don’t know how to start or what things needs focus on.

From my experience I’ve listed 5 actions that can turn mondays into a better day:

1 – Treat yourself in the best way as possible

Remember that we can always find happiness in the little things, how about choosing nice meals during the day, i’m not talking about having a huge amount of sugar o fat, but going to a nice place to eat and choose the food that will improve your health.

If you are the type of person that enjoys company, invite that best friend to be with you, but if you are the type that stays quiet during mondays don’t feel guilty to avoid people and have lunch with yourself.

Don’t forget about the way you look, choose your favorite clothes, wear that make-up and fragrance that you love, i bet that when you pass in front of a mirror you will be happier with yourself.

2 – Wake Up Early and do something

Recently I’ve posted Why and How to Wake Up Early

Waking up early and do something, specially going to the gym or doing any type of aerobic exercise will boost your endorphin levels and your confidence. I bet that within 15 minutes of exercise you will start to feel better and refreshed to start the day.

3 – Set your routine previously

Don’t set your to-dos by the time you start the day or you might waste time on tasks like checking that long boring email box. Set your routine in the previous week or day, preferentially on fridays so you can detach from your problems and fully enjoy the weekend. If you are heading to a vacation or holidays why not setting up the day you come back to work?

Setting up a to-do routine will avoid you from forgetting important things or procrastination. Remember to Prioritize and Execute!

4 – Avoid or don’t pay attention to toxic people

Avoid the complainers, those will only add negativity or bad thinking to your day. When meeting a complainer that will surely say, “oh i hate mondays”, “the holidays are over, I wish I could be back” or even say that you look bad and tired. Remember there is nothing you can do about it, just focus on your objective and give a generic answer.

Sometimes will be hard to avoid them, so don’t pay attention to them and return to your path of getting monday done in the best way as possible.

5 – Set your main objective

If you have an objective you will not have barriers in your way. Set your main objective, that one that will be used as a driver to complete your tasks, this way you will always find a way for a solution and to be motivated.

Having an objective will make you Chose What is Right for you. Objectives can be related to family, professional goals, mindfulness, health and others, they just need to be your driver when facing a challenge or difficult or annoying task.

Mondays are the first day of the week, the first chance to get things right, everybody knows that it’s difficult to handle it, so why sharing bad thoughts about it since you can’t change it? You only have control of your actions and how to make the best way through it.

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Key Points to Understand and Build Executive Presence

When we talk about executive presence we must consider that it’s not a born trait and instead it is a skill to be developed, cultivated and built. That’s the reason why we always heard that:

“Great Leaders aren’t born, they’re made!”

Executive Presence is made of how much confidence and inspiration you give to the ones around you (peers, team, managers, executives and others), while creating an image of leadership, competence and trustworthiness.

The essential elements that will build Executive Presence are:

  • Gravitas – How You Act
  • Communication – How You Speak
  • Appearance – How You Look

Executive presence will give confidence and inspiration to others and will increase the chances of reaching new opportunities and influence decisions that you are part of.

Imagine yourself trying to close a deal with a client, even if you have the same product and price as competitors, the only thing that will matter at this time will be the way handled the negotiation from start to end, in that case your Executive Presence will become the predominant element for success.

Key Points for Executive Presence

Be Prepared. Always be prepared for any kind of situation, even if it’s a business lunch, an elevator speech or a unexpected presentation, that’s why you need to be always aware of what’s happening, knowing the status, problems and solutions.

Clear Communication. Have the ability to transmit your ideas in a very clear way to others.

Believe in yourself and have confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself who else will do?

Look at you! Understand how people perceive the way you are and especially how you treat others around you.

Decisiveness. The courage, confidence and way to take decisions and taking ownership of its risks and consequences.

Listen.Being a great listener you’ll be able to ask the right questions and explore new ideas.

Build Relationships. Understand the company culture, its people, the way things work, start building relationships with everyone. A strong leader must be supported by a strong network of relationships.

Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. Under stressful situations keep your cool to think in ways to solve the problem. Being desperate and overwhelmed will not help, instead you’ll lose confidence from others because nobody wants to see their own leader out of control.

Emotional Intelligence. Specially empathy.

Integrity and Ethics. Always believe and apply the right values.

Appearance. Your appearance must not be a distraction, understand the context of every situation and also check the way people dress or take care of their own style. Always try to find balance to fit in.

Remember, there’s no receipt to build an Executive Presence, it will depends on the environment and culture you are in, and everything will be applied based on your personal traits, values, past experiences and perception of life.

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Why and How to Wake Up Early

People always ask me why I enjoy waking up early, so here is a complete guide describing why and how to do it!

Why waking up early?

  • You’ll make time to dedicate only and true to yourself, because there won’t be any kind of distractions since most of people are sleeping
  • Doing something truly for yourself by the early hours contributes to have a better day because you’ll be starting it with the right mood
  • Your day will have more hours to be spent
  • Establish a better routine for yourself resulting in more discipline and better focus and results

The early hours of the day can be used for those activities that have been put away for any type of reasons. You will be able to improve yourself even if you dedicate only 30 minutes of your time on doing something related to sports, spiritual health, studying or any kind of thing that would make you feel better or archive your long term goal.

How to wake up early?

  • Choose a day to start, can be any given day, don’t focus on mondays like everyone else does.
  • Organize all your stuff in the night before, such as gym clothes, gear, breakfast, pre and post workout, hydration, work clothes etc.
  • Set at least 2 alarm clocks in at least 2 different devices
  • Try to sleep a little bit earlier than usual


No caffeine after noon, its effects can last at least for 5 hours in your body.

No heavy meals at night, avoid sugars and fat, try to eat clean to avoid indigestion during the night of sleep. Remember, this meal will be responsible for how you’ll feel in the next early morning, it will be your fuel for your activity.

Stop procrastinating in your cell phone near bed time, screen brightness and all that brain stimulation from social media can fry your thoughts and put you away from a good resting night of sleep.

Bed is for sleep or sex, start to slow down and don’t use it to think of problems or having heavy conversations with your partner.

Don’t Think Twice, when the alarms goes on just get up and get dressed. If you think for a few seconds maybe you’ll go back sleeping again. Remember the 5 second rule.

Start doing this tomorrow and I’m sure that you’ll start to feel even better. If that doesn’t fit in your routine, that’s ok, adapt it in order to always have at least 30 minutes of the day dedicated only for yourself.

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Brazilian Carnival, good or bad?

Brazil and specially Rio de Janeiro are putting a lot of effort in overcome the economic crisis, but during Carnival Holidays we all have different types of opinions about it, for example if we should continue the parade or parties or use its investiment in another areas. Below you can see the revenue for Rio in 2019.

Last sunday Riotur showed the revenue for this year:
– R$ 3,78 billion in hotels and service segment
– 26% above compared to 2018

In general, Brazil had an expectation of R$ 6,38 billion of revenue according to Confederação Nacional do Comércio de Bens, Serviços e Turismo (CNC)
besides of hirng 23,6 mil temporary work force.

For the other states we had the following revenue expectation::

– R$ 1,9 billion – São Paulo
– R$ 615,5 million– Minas Gerais
– R$ 561,9 million– – Bahia
– R$ 320 million– – Ceará
– R$ 217,6 million – Pernambuco

How your Carnival will be next year?

Data Source: G1 / Extra
Picture: Rodrigo Gorosito/G1

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Choose what is RIGHT!

It’s a inherent for humans to seek comfort in things that appears to be easier or doesn’t have to many risks, however is choosing difficult paths will bring bigger accomplishments.

Each small decision we make in our daily basis will contribute to build a new future, in that way fight against your own mind to get after the things that will count to reach your objectives and not what is easier or comfortable for the moment.

5 seconds is the time we need to give up or move on, even if it’s difficult like waking up early in a monday morning, staying focused in a diet or finishing that annoying avoided task, move on will always make you feel better and more valued in the end.

Our decisions start by the time we wake up, so make it count every second and put in your mind what really needs to be done.

Have a good week!

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Prioritize and Execute

Every monday we start a new journey in out weekly triathlon with full email box, several pendencies and different ways of taking away our happiness

Nowadays we are surrounded by simultaneous problems, and this might be a risk and will result in failure if we try to solve all of them in just one time

Prioritize and Execute, this is the ideal exercise for mondays. Based on your objectives choose the task that needs more priority and guarantee it will be executed during the week! If it’s necessary, communicate with those around you and book in your agenda how many hours are need for its execution. After concluded, repeat the same exercise and choose one more task to be prioritized.

Remember the Triathlon, where we first focus on swimming, then cycling and by the end of it in running, always using transitioning to be ready for the next execution with the main objective to finish in the best time as possible.

Have a good week!

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