Destructive or constructive environment?

The environment that surrounds us will greatly influence our decisions and how we react to adversity. It can be made up of elements and people that can support you both in your development and in your destruction. The basis for this all revolves around the objectives, habits and interpretations of each person, where anyone who is different from the group will become strange and will be interpreted in the opposite way if they belonged to a group similar to him/her. The best example of this is the simple question “What time do you wake up?” and from that we noticed different reactions.

What is different or adverse to us can lead us to new knowledge and development, however it is necessary to pay attention to the achievements and consequences that will be achieved through this journey, in the end we need to evaluate whether we continue in our status quo or whether there has been a setback or progress in our areas of life.

Considering what we see in digital publications, egocentrism today becomes the basis of the modern human being, and when faced with any discussions or situations, he/she will only use his/her desires and insecurities as a basis, without any empathy or analyzing any existing fact, only caring about his/her own comfort. Participating in heterogeneous groups will lead to negative interpretations if what is shared is different from the group’s habits, while in a homogeneous group it will lead to positive interpretations or even the improvement of ideas and habits.

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it is stupid” – Albert Einstein.

Setting goals and achieving them can be considered one of the biggest challenges of today, given the large number of distractions and adversities we face in our daily lives, a real current that we must overcome and which will become even more difficult if we have around us those who will try to stop us or only see themselves, instead of contributing to an environment conducive to evolution for both parties.

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