Leaders are born or made?

Leadership is a frequently topic discussed by different groups and frequently mentioned in trainings and teaching materials, usually followed by the question: “are leaders born or made?”, but clearly due to the large number of adverse responses we note that there is no correct statement.

Based on my experience, I believe that certain people are born with the real vocation of being leaders, and the training or qualification itself becomes something to improve their intrinsic and natural traits that already exist from an early age. In this way, improvement becomes something natural on their path, meaning there are no frictions or difficulties as for those who, on the opposite, were not born with this vocation.

The very desire and interest in becoming a leader comes from the individual’s inner desire and not the other way around, although very common, where the environment ends up imposing that one assume leadership. In moments when the environment imposes the need for leadership, those who were born begin to shine and live for a purpose, while those who were not born, some may redefine themselves and rediscover themselves as leaders and the other may even assume the leadership position and have a poor performance because they will be there against their own nature.

Obviously, those who are born will have an easier path in their development and performance, but this does not mean that those who want to change their status quo are not also capable of achieving excellence.

A leader’s success will also be based on the relationship between his form and style of leadership and the scenario in which he/she finds himself, often the scenario will require resilience from the leader who must adapt his/her ways of leading and interacting with those around. And the best way to measure this is by analyzing the ones around, especially his/her team, where a balance is needed between the climate of individuals and performance results.

Those who wish to take leadership or are willing to challenge themselves to achieve it were born leaders and will bring a positive impact to everyone, while others who experience the opposite, do not need to insist on a mistake that will negatively affect not only themselves but also those around.

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