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Much is said about having discipline through a routine and how strong we must be overcoming signs of tiredness, weakness and laziness. But we forget that we are not machines but organisms sensitive to the environment in which we live and even exposed to feelings that we often have no control over. Therefore, the application of discipline can often become a challenge or even a limiting factor for our development, This is because atypical events happen and these can be represented by new paths and opportunities that will be supressed and ignored by the rules and norms imposed by the discipline. Other atypical events may change the ideal conditions imposed by the discipline and thus nullify any type of progress or execution.

Constancy assumes a different role to discipline, where the main references are execution, repetition and duration, and not as the discipline which is based on rules and conditions for its execution. A great example of this are people who want the perfect scenario to start an activity or even set times to wake up and start a new life, but often this plan does not last for long as external factors will eventually interfere with the routine and require a break of these rules, thus making the scenario imperfect to the desired ideal. Independently, constancy must act irregularly but repeatedly, considering the long-term result, whatever it may be.

Consider time and repetition, within our cyclical time space, every day we have 24 hours to be used and 365 days a year to dedicate ourselves to whatever the activity may be. We already know what our distractions are in the modern world, avoiding them and making good choices we can use our precious time for activities that can contribute positively to our lives and those around us. Every day, the little that can be executed will become a lot in terms of the final result, whoever wants perfect conditions to take initiatives or whoever does not continue with their skills and obtaining knowledge will never get anywhere and will be destined to stagnation, constancy can currently be considered one of the main and differentiating traits of a successful individual.

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