Problems and Solutions

We often face challenges and problems both professionally and personally, the big difference is found in the way we approach to reach a solution. The way of positioning yourself and analyzing the facts can be the great differential in the construction of visions and even in the perception of the scenario around you, in addition to contributing to the construction of your image as the one who contributed to the development of all or just as the one who only complains and brings problems for others to solve.

Anticipating and managing everyone’s expectations in relation to a project or whatever the situation may be can become a differential, because we can encourage new solutions or paths and even prepare those involved for the final result. Clear and transparent communication with relevant facts and data can become the main allies of those who want to find a solution.

In cases of surprises or unexpected situations, where anticipation is not an option, it is extremely important to remain calm and know how to balance the rational and the emotional. If there is time available, the analysis of the scenario and surrounding events will help to better understand the situation, avoiding immediate reactions without measuring any consequences or impacts.

Many people, when reporting problems or errors in the professional environment, end up emphasizing why they occurred and who would be responsible for them, and end up forgetting to show what the current scenario is and what would be the options for a solution.

When bringing a problem, always bring at least 3 possible solutions, and these must be elaborated through the analysis of the scenario and the existing facts, including why this happened in order to prevent it from happening again. Even if these 3 solutions are not chosen, they will probably generate new paths for others that may be even more relevant, in addition to contributing to a better future scenario.

It is very difficult, but not impossible, to find what is positive in these problems or challenges, what we can learn from lessons or changes that will contribute to a better future scenario.

Often through an unexpected situation we can make positive changes in our daily lives and around us.

Art: Aaarrgh! Hunter at Work!, 1979. Ralph Steadman / Ralph Steadman: A Life in Ink, published by Chronicle Chroma 2020

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