World at Change

Jean-Michel Basquiat - Hollywood Africans

Real-time connectivity and the speed of information transmission are main agents of global behavioral change, we add to this the interests of ideological, political and financial groups, where the user becomes the main receiver and guinea pig of the wave of information that often are distinct from each other, making it difficult to discern the reality around them.

The ease of access to teaching materials and the ability to self-learn on any topic becomes the main factor in questioning the current reality. The world is changing and today political formats of leadership and government are questioned by the population, and at the same time a response to an ideal structure is never formed, and only individualistic interests are served for those who have power and influence.

We are at a time where we consume a lot of information and know everything that is happening, but on the other hand we have almost minimal control over these events and almost no power to act, but the speed and ease of access gives us a sense of proximity to these events which often happen thousands of kilometers from where we are. The world is changing, new global hegemonies are emerging and thus altering the main agents of power, change and cultural influence, and today we have a population that is extremely driven by the internet, where behavior patterns are replicated regardless of their geographic location, whether with dances, challenges, social movements or consumer trends.

One way to avoid being a part of this massive information environment is to look at inner self and consider yourself a human being and not a user of any digital platform, and review natural human traits that are being forgotten such as respect, empathy, honesty , gratitude and others, and we must also get closer to those where the relationship is based on reciprocity and affection.

The basis of everything will always be human and its intrinsic values, however the internet together with the global crisis are shaping human behavior where it forgets its true origins and driving people to live in a virtual utopia that will ultimately lead to sadness and loneliness.

Art: Jean-Michel Basquiat – Hollywood Africans

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