How to Deal with Failure?

Categories: Business

Often during projects or daily personal situations we try our best to reach objectives and have the best results, but as usual, life is complex full of variables full of different decisions, opinions, environments, and unexpected changes. When we gave it all that we got, we must ensure to let things go and watch the events to succeed from an outsider perspective and see the results. People who are really focused on results and reaching to objectives with the “never give-up” mindset can suffer while letting go, but this can be minimized by a better way of doing it without the label of “giving up”.

Failure is acceptable when it brings knowledge or lessons that will lead to future actions, but failure can’t be a surprise, the ones involved in a project, or any given situation, must be aware of the event that might happen ahead. Managing expectations about the future results is the key of success, and for this a proper alignment with stakeholders or participants must be held, with clear details of the scenario, events, roles and responsibilities and of course the results of succeeding or not to the main objective.

Sometimes even if we are too focused on solving challenges and reaching to objectives we must stop, take a breath and look around to see the options we have available and the results of it, if all of our efforts were given and failure is on the way, we must ensure to let others round us know what will come and focus our efforts in another project or activity that will generate a better result, if not we will become part of the failure.

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