At least once people have asked themselves what would be the right path or receipt for their professional success. In any career we often see great people who are able to accomplish their deliverables and provide good services but even though are stuck on the same situation over the years.

The key to success in any given situation is not only reaching the final goal, but how you are able to reach it and who you are bringing together with you.

We can translate this into, how you are able to manage expectations, communicate, treat other people and also on elevating their potential and knowledge through this journey. This is all about soft skills, is the way we accomplish things, our actions can make the difference in our surroundings not only to the people but also potentializing and adding more value to our deliverables or services. It’s simple, imagine buying the same popcorn from one who yells at you and the other who treats you the best way possible, for you the product will be different due to the experiences.

A good professional must accomplish his/her main job accountabilities, but should keep in mind that to reach success he/she must have core values on every action taken, such as innovation, good communication, sense of respect and empathy, loyalty, commitment, punctuality, trust, transparency, dedication, concentration and many others. Must have a clear and realistic view to see rooms of opportunity at every level of his/her job and do their best to make it better.

Are we great and complete professionals? Are we able to be the most complete, the best of the best? The answer is no, every moment the world is changing and what is new becomes old in a matter of seconds, the only thing we are able to do is to try to be better every single day, but how? There is no answer, some find wisdom through Books, others through Youtube or Podcasts, the way to grow depends uniquely where you are standing and where you want to be, what stands on the middle is up to you and your choices.

Art: Remedios Vargo – The Juggler (The Magician)

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