Future Professional

I define the professional of the future as someone who wants to carry out activities and skills in both traditional work environment and someone who works in recent environments that we have not yet been able to categorize.

Nowadays, after recent drastic changes in ways of working and communication, we realize that there are new trends and practices that often bring problems or challenges never seen before. Factors such as the abundance of information, cultural clashes, time zone differences, the need and speed for changes, meeting new generations and their new habits, all of these end up redefining the routine and success of the professional of the future.

We can consider the main elements that should be part of the Professional of the future as:

Adaptability, the environment in which we find ourselves is constantly changing and full of real-time information, which can redefine contexts and values, that were previously intangible and today can take on new meanings.

Focus, consuming information superficially and not dedicating yourself to an activity are habits that will lead to personal and social self-destruction. An individual needs to focus in order to have a clear understanding of the environment in which they are located, and from this, live according to personal and professional objectives and achievements in order to positively contribute to the environment in which they live.

Multiculturalism, essential knowledge for us to exercise effective forms of communication and which adapt to the culture we are exposed to. In addition to knowing different existing cultures, we must be attentive to the results of the meeting of cultures, new habits and trends are generated by the diversity of groups, and we must always be attentive and open to adapting our forms of interaction. Learning and putting into practice multiple languages becomes a differentiator for anyone who wants to get along well with everyone.

Common Sense, with the speed of interactions, we assume that the same should be applied in decision processes, interpretations and forms of communication. But we forget that before that, it is necessary to understand the context, look around in search of new information and even remember our current values, and only then can we reach a common sense between all parties.

Empathy, at a time when everyone posts about themselves and becomes the center of attention, we cannot forget that we must also put ourselves in other people’s shoes and respect them in their own individuality, as well as being open to hearing new opinions and interpretations .

Positioning, understanding the best way and when to position yourself in relation to any situation is a very important trait not only today but also for the future.

The requirement of the Professional of the Future will not only be didactics or technical knowledge or their mastery of a skill, but also how they situate themselves as an individual and how they interpret and relate to society on a global level.

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