Destructive or constructive environment?

The environment that surrounds us will greatly influence our decisions and how we react to adversity. It can be made up of elements and people that can support you both in your development and in your destruction. The basis for this all revolves around the objectives, habits and interpretations of each person, where anyone who […]

World at Change

Real-time connectivity and the speed of information transmission are main agents of global behavioral change, we add to this the interests of ideological, political and financial groups, where the user becomes the main receiver and guinea pig of the wave of information that often are distinct from each other, making it difficult to discern the […]

Cultural Capital

The environment we live and the people around us can drastically influence our lives, this is because we look for references and listen to those who are closest, usually avoiding something distant or very different from our reality or as we can say habitat. Often there is not much understanding when taking different attitudes from […]

Stress Culture

The environment along with its culture has an extreme influence on the way we feel, based on its values ​​we level things we care and eventually things we stress about. Being part of a single environment that dictates the rules makes us value what is often not really considered in another environment. Much is said […]