Stress Culture

Categories: Health, Spirituality

The environment along with its culture has an extreme influence on the way we feel, based on its values ​​we level things we care and eventually things we stress about. Being part of a single environment that dictates the rules makes us value what is often not really considered in another environment. Much is said that the way we feel is based on the way we absorb the outside environment, but often what is toxic is absorbed without our consent.

With high levels of stress our perceptions change because we are driven by our survival instincts and often we act without listening to rationality but instead to our emotion. Sometimes to stop and look around for impartiality can be ineffective if we do not change our environment and culture, since we will still be influenced by the current values we are exposed on the daily basis, and perhaps the search for a solution or a new interpretation of the facts or even the decrease in stress levels can occur through a change of environment and contact with a new culture.

When in contact with a different a community or a culture, individuals will automatically have to review all their values, forms of communication and will eventually lose their existing social status from where they live, similar to restarting a system, there is the reformulation of old values ​​and construction of new ones that will help in the interpretation of his old cultural environment, that will eventually lead to a new approach and look on previous experiences and elements that caused disturbance before.

Becoming invisible and unknown in a new culture contributes to the construction of a more complete individual who will eventually obtain different solutions from those in his/her environment are used to have.

Art: Piet Mondrian