Is working too much a sign of depression?

We don’t expect that depressed people are successful at work, surrounded by wealth, power and most of time with trophies and prizes.

But this is becoming a common issue in our society, and most of its signs are being shown from another type of behaviors. As usual we expect that people who have depression stays in bed all day facing the ceiling or talking a lot of negativity.

Overt depression is the most known because of its symptoms that last for at least for 2 weeks, where he or she may feel “down”, and “blue” or having a decreased interest in pleasurable activities, including sex. At least 4 of any following symptoms must be exhibited: weight loss or gain, too little or too much sleep, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, difficulty making decisions or forgetfulness, and preoccupation with death or suicide.

Covert depression is more difficult to be identified, it is hidden from those around and it is largely hidden from his/her own consciousness awareness, driving the many actions of the person just like irritability, violent behaviors, dominance, drinking, work addiction, emotional unavailability pushing away the ones he/she loves away.

When a covertly depressed person’s connection to the object of his / her addiction is undisturbed, he/she feels good about him/herself. But when connection to that object is disrupted his/her sense of self-worth plumets and his hidden depression begins to unfold.

As it was mentioned before, covert depression can lead in many ways of behaviors, specially work addiction, in that case the person will always try to reach to this addiction in order to find happiness or peace. But this will never be a sustainable solution since it is finished all the symptoms will arise again becoming a vicious circle. When coming back, you will never be able to recreate the same feeling that you had in the first time of the addiction, and your need for it will always increase until you can not go back and be free.

Always pay attention to daily symptoms but also try to watch your behaviors with those around you and specially the way you treat yourself.

Based on the book: I don’t want to talk about it – Terrence Real

Art: Zdzislaw Bersinski

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Why and How to Wake Up Early

People always ask me why I enjoy waking up early, so here is a complete guide describing why and how to do it!

Why waking up early?

  • You’ll make time to dedicate only and true to yourself, because there won’t be any kind of distractions since most of people are sleeping
  • Doing something truly for yourself by the early hours contributes to have a better day because you’ll be starting it with the right mood
  • Your day will have more hours to be spent
  • Establish a better routine for yourself resulting in more discipline and better focus and results

The early hours of the day can be used for those activities that have been put away for any type of reasons. You will be able to improve yourself even if you dedicate only 30 minutes of your time on doing something related to sports, spiritual health, studying or any kind of thing that would make you feel better or archive your long term goal.

How to wake up early?

  • Choose a day to start, can be any given day, don’t focus on mondays like everyone else does.
  • Organize all your stuff in the night before, such as gym clothes, gear, breakfast, pre and post workout, hydration, work clothes etc.
  • Set at least 2 alarm clocks in at least 2 different devices
  • Try to sleep a little bit earlier than usual


No caffeine after noon, its effects can last at least for 5 hours in your body.

No heavy meals at night, avoid sugars and fat, try to eat clean to avoid indigestion during the night of sleep. Remember, this meal will be responsible for how you’ll feel in the next early morning, it will be your fuel for your activity.

Stop procrastinating in your cell phone near bed time, screen brightness and all that brain stimulation from social media can fry your thoughts and put you away from a good resting night of sleep.

Bed is for sleep or sex, start to slow down and don’t use it to think of problems or having heavy conversations with your partner.

Don’t Think Twice, when the alarms goes on just get up and get dressed. If you think for a few seconds maybe you’ll go back sleeping again. Remember the 5 second rule.

Start doing this tomorrow and I’m sure that you’ll start to feel even better. If that doesn’t fit in your routine, that’s ok, adapt it in order to always have at least 30 minutes of the day dedicated only for yourself.

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Brazilian Carnival, good or bad?

Brazil and specially Rio de Janeiro are putting a lot of effort in overcome the economic crisis, but during Carnival Holidays we all have different types of opinions about it, for example if we should continue the parade or parties or use its investiment in another areas. Below you can see the revenue for Rio in 2019.

Last sunday Riotur showed the revenue for this year:
– R$ 3,78 billion in hotels and service segment
– 26% above compared to 2018

In general, Brazil had an expectation of R$ 6,38 billion of revenue according to Confederação Nacional do Comércio de Bens, Serviços e Turismo (CNC)
besides of hirng 23,6 mil temporary work force.

For the other states we had the following revenue expectation::

– R$ 1,9 billion – São Paulo
– R$ 615,5 million– Minas Gerais
– R$ 561,9 million– – Bahia
– R$ 320 million– – Ceará
– R$ 217,6 million – Pernambuco

How your Carnival will be next year?

Data Source: G1 / Extra
Picture: Rodrigo Gorosito/G1

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