Human Chat Bots

Through mobile apps we communicate while isolate, information goes so fast that is hard to follow and remember.

People are not using the internet anymore, but instead the opposite is happening while we feed with all the information as possible a living organism that we label as Artificial Intelligence. Meanwhile human behaviors are clearly changing and can be noticed if you stop and pay attention.

Humans are becoming Chat Bots, following daily trends, automatically sharing content without noticing it or having a real purpose or meaning. When interacting with other people through the app, we diminish any emotion or empathy involved in real live communication, this way we lose focus on what is really happening with the one on other side of the screen. Questions like “how are you?” or “what is going on?” doesn’t have a true meaning anymore, and all of this are being replaced by pre-made images or texts of happy holidays or good morning.

Communication that lacks empathy, contact and real body language generates uncomfortable situations where people are slowly forgetting true values of human relationships and this might increase lack of purpose in life since we are surrounded just by machines and not people. This way a person has a huge probability to be being seen as just an online user and the communication might become just focused on the interest of the other who started the conversation, and not a real exchange of information and interest, this person will be seen as a service provider like a Chat Bot.

Should I accept my existence over the internet as a Chat Bot and forget about my Human Traits?

Should I use the internet to obtain knowledge and truly connect to people while meeting new cultures, ideas and supporting each other as a community?

Art: Tadanori Yokoo

Categories: Spirituality