Happy Character

Categories: Health, Spirituality

Just like an RPG game where the player assumes a character identity in a fantasy or virtual world, many uses the same practice to have their own desired version on social media. The power of filters and the condition of sharing only moments of happiness and achievements, encourage the simulation of a life that does not exist, where there are no ups and downs or any kind of emotional vulnerability.

In social media we can become a character, create a version of us that possibly never existed or will exist, a version fueled by likes where the main driver is ego and social sovereignty. Just like many who cosplay and dress in the same way as their favorite characters, will we also have individuals who will be able to assume a new identity in their daily lives based on what was created virtually? How much are our decisions or moments being driven based on other people’s approval of likes and views?

The more we try to get closer to this perfect version, the more we distance ourselves from happiness and we get closer to anguish and emotional emptiness because we are not photos or videos full of good moments, likes or views, but instead emotional beings where joy and sadness complement each other for appreciation and learning in each of its moments.

Art: Sorayama