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We live in a bipolar world, where having an opinion or a position for everything and everybody is needed, being part of an unique group shapes us and gives us new ideologies, ways of thinking and behavior patterns, revoking and ignoring the multidisciplinarity capacity of the human being. 

With this new label assigned to us, we start willing to redefine friendships or even our family bonds, shaping ourselves in a seasonable and disposable form, standardizing ways of dressing and to communication, using pre-established sentences or grammatical terms that are mostly common to the group individuals, full of language vices and impact sentences. All of this in favor of an ideology, that can be political, behavioral, social or economic, but what really matters is the feeling of belonging to something, where actually its own creator doesn’t have any clue about your existence or belonging.

Minimizing the multidisciplinarity of our existence in order to belong to an unique group that limits our intellectual development and less contributes for a positive change in society, we assume a just predefined label and share the same common behaviors, being only a small portion of a massive group where your own existence can be easily replaced. Furthermore, we are stuck in a standardized information bubble made by what we want to read and hear, totally forgetting what is adverse or different to our perceptions. Surrounding ourselves only with what we want to read or hear minimizes our development and thus we will have attitudes of spoiled and whiny children, as we will no longer know how to deal with adversity, and instead of learning from what is different, that would actually bring us knowledge, we will end up insisting that our opinion or behavior prevails until getting what we really want.

What makes us special and irreplaceable is our unique way of thinking and acting, which must be built by ourselves based on our experiences and interpretations, while we are assuming standardized roles and directing our actions in benefit of a group, we minimize our existence and become just a key part or a tool to a bigger cause where only those who don’t know who you are or that you exist will benefit from it.

Art: Faceless Composition – Laura Feire