Meanless Digital Existence

Categories: Spirituality

From distant times, humans had to go hunting to guarantee their existence, exposing themselves into the risks of nature but also evolving their bodies for what we are today. The hunting has change, we don’t need to go outside to face the wilderness with the believe to find a meal to survive, all we need to do is in just a few touches or clicks in our digital devices and then wait until it arrives. While waiting we spend our times looking at peoples lives through a screen or start watching the newest movie in our living room, all of this avoiding any sort of real human contact or even eye-to-eye interaction, all is needed is internet connection.

If we are not going outside to hunt and guarantee our existence, to exactly what are we living for? Times where information is already available and written to be consumed, so we don’t have to think or look for different answers by ourselves and if you miss someone or want to show you care about them, you can just send an instant message that would replace your physical presence or care.

Are we losing focus of our lives and transforming ourselves from humans to simply active users in the internet? A place where we can find all the options to get instant pleasures such as food, transportation, music, fun dances, sex content, products and others with the objective to run away and avoid thinking about the true meaning of life.

What we should expect from society that has everything in their hands and have needs that are suppressed by instant digital pleasure? How someone should find his/her greatest purpose in life while being surrounded since early ages by numerous channels of distractions and instant pleasures, where reading a book , going outside to buy a pizza or meeting a friend becomes a challenge?

We can’t deny technology in our lives, instead we can use it to make it better, nowadays we have access to almost any type of content such as courses, books, podcasts, and also meet new cultures and habits from all over the world.

More than ever we can have access to a greater range of knowledge, who you want to become is just a matter of choice.

Art: René Magritte. The Double Secret, 1927