Feed the Machine

Social Media and other digital applications have abandoned their real purposes since their creation and today have become major channels of exhibitionism, advertising, direction of trends and new behaviors. We currently have around 7 billion mobile devices connected to the internet and we can consider that a large part of this number is used at least for search, conversation or social media applications.

The more time we spend on the networks, the more we leave traces of behavior through clicks, preferences, geo-location, among others, and all our consumed content automatically transforms us into a product personification for large companies, which in the future will sell your persona to other companies. in order to target products, advertisements and content.

The more we use it, the more we feed the databases and also teach artificial intelligence systems, teaching new preferences, ways of speaking and acting according to each context, thus contributing to the development of these companies.

Apparently, the use of digital applications is no longer fun or a simple service, and has become an indirect form of work, where the user is at negative balance, as he uses his precious time, indirectly feeding and contributing to a system that will benefit from all his/her interactions, and in return receive advertisements and targeted content based on algorithm definitions, thus encouraging consumption and inconsistent behavior that are not part of our essence but rather the environment we visualize daily via mobile.

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