When I need peace, I look for nature

Uncertainty and stress are not new to human beings, our ancient ancestors had their share of challenges to staying alive in a world filled with wild animals and unpredictable food supplies, consequently shaping our bodies to set the right triggers in case of any danger. Today, we don’t have to worry about those kind of adversities, instead we unconsciously turned our mind and triggers to focus on work, performance, family, exercise activities and even war.

Despite having new accomplishments, goals and habits, the main difference from our ancient ancestors is the lost of spiritual connection to life that infuses us with trust and confidence that everything will work out in the end.

We no longer seek for healing or regenerative power in our environment, and we can notice this in our daily basis through:

Open landscapes are now city blocks, most of the time we are surrounded by concreted and metal, from buildings to cars and buses, without any sight or sound of nature. You might listen to birds singing but from a .mp3 in a train station.

Sunrises and sunsets take place while we are stuck in the confines of an office, when was the last time you stopped your routine to watch a sunrise or a sunset, even if you see it, you might be stuck in traffic or inside a building. That makes you lose entirely the connection and power of healing from the sun.

Time spent admiring nature’s beauty was replaced with traveling Instagram photos, instead of feeling the nature as alive as it is, people are hitting likes on vacation selfies while imagining themselves there and complaining how life is unfair. Even if there is a park, a forest or any type of nature environment next to their houses, people prefer to stay in the concrete.

Shamanism is based on healing and living in harmony with the spirit of nature where everything is alive and has a spirit, like trees, flowers, mountains, lakes, rivers, sea and its animals. Based on Huichol Shamanism, we assume that we are oneself as collaborator with all life.

Kupuri is considered by the Huichols as the powerful essence of life force. They obtain life force and energy from environment and charge themselves with this natural life energy. To find new ways to feed your Kupuri try to go to special place in nature or even sit under a tree or stare at the ocean and imagine the life force of this environment nurturing your soul.

Neither of gyms, exercise classes or diet suplements are solving our problems, the reason is that we must treat body and soul together and not separated as it is today. To improve overall health, we need to tune the health of our emotions and spirit as we do physicality.

The body responds positively when exercising, becoming stonger and leaner, as your soul responds positively when you connect to the nature, it becomes stronger, happier and more at peace.

Instead being connected to the environment we spend most of the hours connected to mobile devices and its applications, seeking for comparison, likes and approvals from others, while consuming bad information like gossips, tragic news or any kind of information that won’t add value to our lives.

The connection between body and soul has been lost in the modern world, being disconnected from our outer environment, causing loneliness (even if surrounded by people), depression (even if having everything you need) and angriness (even if living in a peaceful environment).

We must find in this world of fast pace changes a way to reestablish the connection between our body and soul, only like this we will be able to find inner peace and live well with others.

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