Projeto Mãos a Obra Providência Achievements

This month I was involved in the disclosure and collection of donation for Projeto Social Mãos a Obra Providência.

Thanks to friends from L’Oréal, Marcia Ferreira Triathlon and Sports Mix, we could collect enough to purchase 25 tatame plates, kimonos and belts, besides supporting 16 kids and 7 adults for the Rio Challenge Jiu-Jitsu Championship.

From the 25 tatame plates, we could duplicate training area, giving much more space to be used in simultaneous training and warm-ups, avoiding crashes between students or waiting for roll.

We took the kids and adults for their first Championship, where they fought very hard, did great matches, conquered medals and realized a dream, that will be used as a base for discipline, focus and learning for their lives.

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Social Project Mãos a Obra Providência

The Projeto Social Mãos a Obra Providência supports and inserts kids and adultos into Jiu-Jitsu with the main objective to bring discipline, good values and health for their lives. The minimum requirements to join is to be studying and not miss any training class. The project is lead byNey Robson (Ney Bolado).

The project is located in CT do Cachorrão at Morro da Providência – RJ, and covers all residents from Saúde, Gamboa, Santo Cristo neighborhoods and nearby.

Besides Jiu-Jisu, the CT do Cachorrão offers Boxe, Wrestling and fun activities for kids and is lead by Eduardo Cardoso (the Cachorrão).

Ney invited me for a visit once but suddenly it became a habit and now I’ve been participating and supporting the project both in kids and adults classes. All affection received, the will to learn, become a better person from everyone and how they welcome me really kept my attention. Besides that I couldn’t find anyone that was wishing to rest and most of times I needed a way to train with as many people I could during the time we had in class.

Even with a lot of will and strengh to reach the objectives, most of those present in the project had needs, even the Training Center had its own, but that wasn’t a reason to discouragement, so we focused our energies in sharing the project and gathering donations.

I showed the project to my friend Rafael Vilela, who got engaged with and together with Ney we could acquire:

  • Cold water Drinking Fountain
  • 25 dojo plates, duplicating the training space
  • Kids and Adults Champonship Registrations

Project Address: Ladeira do Barroso, 40 – Gambôa, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 20221-310

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