Started in October 2020 with the main objective of bulding the professiona of the future, who will be able to master the following themes:

  • Self-Knowledge / Resilience
  • Adversity / Positioning
  • Intelectual Development
  • Effective Communication
  • Balance

Ideally happens through 6 meetings of 1 hour each for 15 days, which can be adapted based on the needs.

Flexible content, light and precise, considering the mentee real needs, based on the main objectives and exchange of knowledge between each other.

Who should apply:

  • Good Listener
  • Committed
  • Wants to Learn and be a better person
  • Wants to leave the comfort zone and apply new knowledge
  • Early career professionals, regardless of the area involved

Topics covered during mentoring

  • Interpersonal Relationship
  • Introduction to conflict management
  • Visibility to different stakeholders
  • Carreer objective definition
  • How to prepare yourself and ask for promotion
  • Others


A rich learning experience

With a very light and fun way of handling it, the mentoring with Jan gives you the opportunity to generate clear and easy insights to be applied in your day-to-day, besides bring you more clarity of who you really are as a professional, helping you to explore the best of your strenghs, and how to recognize and work on your areas of development.

It’s worth to highlight the content covered are taylor-made, based on your needs that start to appear during each session. It’s not something rigid, but instead is an exchange of ideas building between yourselves.

After each meet, I realize clearly the outcomes based on what we worked, making myself evolve as a person and professional. I recommend to all of you!

Depois de cada encontro, eu percebo claramente os efeitos do que trabalhamos me fazendo evoluir como pessoa e profissional. Recomendo a todos!”

Candida Andrade

If you have interest or doubts about the mentoring, register below and i will answer you.