Lonely Digital Influencers

I’m tired of seeing other people’s achievements and success over the internet while i don’t have any, but I forget that my achievements are not there for likes or prizes from others but only to myself and my true values.

We are all different people with different mentalities, traits, objectives, different ways of being happy or satisfied and I understand we are living under a digital pattern, where common standardized behaviors are most likely accepted and prized, like showing off trips, gifts, food, just to be accepted and show to others how well you are, forgetting what really matters and how to connect to others but only establishing connection to your screen and mobile applications.

How can happiness be strongly dependent on digital applications, maybe because it simulates human interactions, but how can people chose an application over the nature of the human connection which is full of exchanges, body languages and sensations?

Things are moving toward loneliness while we avoid it on fake digital connections with others, forgetting that the one in the other side of screen is also doing it on the same way as we are, and not establishing nothing but likes and comments lacking of empathy or trues feelings which are translated into text or emojis.

Art: Hotel by a railroad – Edward Hopper

Categories: Health, Spirituality