Infinite Consumption

Categories: Health, Spirituality

Being happy and satisfied with who we are and what we have is a constant challenge full of ups and downs. Influenced by the culture of excessive consumption and utopian and distant definitions of success, we often forget to live in the present and do not see that we may have everything necessary to be happy and we end up disoriented by filters of comparisons with other people and influenced by them in their own goals.

The meaning of life and the purpose must be up to date and connected to each other, the meaning, formed by personal skills and talents, cannot act alone without the existence of a purpose, which is the moment which our skills and talents will be applied and shared with those around us, thus building human relationships and affection.

The culture of excessive consumption can be harmful to those who seek to be happy through material goods, because our mind always seeks to conquer new goals and eventually in the act of conquest we obtain satisfaction and momentary happiness. Emptiness and dissatisfaction can become present from the moment we have everything we want and we live in abundance of what once represented a goal or challenge to be conquered. Surrounded by excesses, we easily forget our purpose and affective relationships, and we increasingly need more and more stimuli to feel happy,

There is a big difference between what we want and what is needed for our lives. We often seek what is unreal and what has been defined by a culture or by those around us, and so we forget that happiness is already present if we accept our intrinsic needs essential to our nature and existence as a human being.

Art: Tetsuya Ishida – Super Market