Hate Layers

Why should we expose ourselves so much in social media? Why should people see what I’m eating or if I went to the Gym? Do people really care? Imagine not so long ago during the 90’s how it would be if a person took a photo of his lunch and started showing a photo print to everyone around. More and more we have access to information but also to people intimacy, from food pics to mental breakdowns over the internet, how much are we benefiting from those actions?

During the process of meeting someone, we usually explore layers to meet this person, the first layer should by simple subjects to find common communication such as weather, TV shows, music, movies, events and others. Those topics will change by the time we start meeting this person again and again, the intimacy level will increase and we will find who this person really is, this way deciding if we should continue maintaining this connection or not in our daily basis.

Now people have access directly to other people’s intimacy, content that we would never know during a normal real life conversation. By the other side of the screen without a context, body language and physical presence is easy to judge, and even easier to criticize, to envy and to hate the other person who maybe we won’t never meet. This environment does not only contributes for judging others but also to criticizing others without any sign of empathy or politeness, since all senses are reduced just to screens and profile pictures.

Despite who you are in life, to others you will be just another on-line user.

Content Inspired by: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5S0bK8mqAM

Art: Salvador Dali – Galatea of the Spheres (1952)

Categories: Health, Spirituality