Future Mentoring

Mentoring program, started in October 2020, has as main objective to build the professional for the future, regardless your area of expertise will focus on the main topics:

  • Self-Knowledge / Resilience
  • Adversity / Positioning
  • Intelectual Development
  • Effective Communication
  • Balance

Happens through 6 meets of 1 hour of duration each 15 days.

Very flexible, informal and light conversations taking in consideration on real needs of the mentee, always focusing on the main objectives and exchange of knowledge between each other.

Who should apply:

  • Good Listener
  • Will to learn and be a better person
  • Will to leave the comfort zone and apply new knowledge
  • Early career professionals, regardless of the area involved

Topics recently covered during mentoring

  • How to prepare yourself and ask for promotion
  • Giving visibility to different stakeholders
  • Interpersonal Relationship
  • Introduction to conflict management
  • Others


Works really well, theory with pratical examples easy to be applied.

C.A. – Nov/2020

If you have interest or doubts about the mentoring, register below and i will contact you, thank you.