Digital Prosthesis

Almost every moment of our day is filled by mobile devices, waiting situations, traffic, meals or even before bed are filled by digital content. Our restless minds needing new stimulation, the act of knowing what is happening or the search for something satisfying and temporary makes us no longer to be alone with our own thoughts.

The act of thinking is underestimated and replaced by a mobile device that gives you all the answers, and so we abandon the development of essential skills such as the development of logical thinking, definition of goals, interpretations and questions, directly impacting the daily life where many when encountering challenges or unexpected situations are left without reaction or in crisis, wanting to avoid or escape from that situation.

Just as cigarettes becomes part of our routine, the same happens with mobile devices, each specific moment it is present so that we avoid being alone with our thoughts. Functioning as a cybernetic prosthesis for thoughts, instead of helping us and enhancing knowledge, it ends up being used to atrophy the intellectual capacity avoiding the creation of new neural networks.

Considering that 83.37% of the world population uses smartphones (2022), what will be the consequences and changes of this habit?

Art: Futuristic Road Trip With The Family – Bruce Mccall

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