Digital Drugs

Often when we see people smoking or using any sort of drugs, we tend to create repressive thoughts considering the harm that is caused by such substances, obviously depending on the environment we live, some of them are well accepted based on their purposes, but we forget that silently we are more and more dependent on the digital environment and we often suffer in an unconditional and incoherent way compared to the real situation when being taken away from it.

To what extent can we consider that we are currently cyborgs, made by the combination of the organic and the cybernetic, or are we really as dependent on digital tools as a smoker on his cigarette?

We can see that we place great responsibilities on digital devices in order to save memories, speed up answers through search engines and even generate happiness or sensations that were previously only possible through a face-to-face experience. The device became an extension of our lives and consequently created a dependency or need just like any of our senses.

To what extent are we living in the real or virtual world, where many wake up looking for their devices to check for the latest updates, where many no longer exchange glances because they are fixedly looking at their screens, where any type of stimulus or event needs to be registered and published for others to see what you are experiencing, the act of living is summarized in a recording without any kind of sensory stimulation compared to reality, devoid of sensations where the memory is only transformed into a digital file.

Art: Hajime Sorayama

Categories: Health, Spirituality