How do we know if the happiness and success around us is real if so many of those people who live this way are more often committing suicide? Success, money, beauty, luxury, thousands of likes, views and comments, these are the signs of happiness in our current society, but then one who live this way suddenly disappear from our world by his/her own choice and actions.

Fun, smiles, laughs, acquisitions and social status might disappear and have no meaning when darkness is carried inside, this darkness might appear from nowhere from time to time, as much as like you drown yourself into deep dark and cold waters or even a really bad cloudy and cold weather, removing any meaning of who you are, what you have and what is around you, simply turning the existing as nothing. Being in dark waters or in the middle of a storm can last a few moment, some days, or even long periods, but from a sudden or with help you get out it and see the greatness of the sun light combined with a beautiful blue sky and fresh air, and things might have a meaning again and all your decisions start to make sense.

A hidden darkness that is carried by people who can actually function and live properly, where darkness follows their laughing, socialization, traveling, professional success, supporting other people, forming a beautiful family and many other actions or events that doesn’t match what they carry inside, and then, from a sudden, they just choose to not be there anymore while people start asking themselves: “Why he/she did this? Had a such great life that anyone would love to have it!”.

Some find their darkness while looking inside trying to find a meaning, others are born with it, others find it through trauma and bad experiences or habits. Rich or poor, famous or not, everybody has their own suffering. Some can hide really well and others don’t, but for some you might get surprised by people such as Anthony Bourdain, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennigton, Keith Flint, Hunter S. Thompson, John McAfee, Fausto Fanti, August Ames and a great number of famous South Korean singers and actress.

Depression and Suicide doesn’t have race, gender, economic status, nationality or anything.

“The literal meaning of life is whatever you’re doing that prevents you from killing yourself”

Albert Camus

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Art: André Masson – Portrait du poète Heinrich von kleist – 1939

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