Consume or Exist?

Categories: Health, Spirituality

The information consumption transforms our thoughts and shapes our way of living, thus shaping the interpretation of reality around us and eventually future actions. The ease of access to information can be good on the one hand and bad on the other, with a very high volume we have difficulty on discerning what is true or not, thus causing loss of quality and false interpretations. Like an immense sea of ​​ideas, we can get stuck in a bubble of similar information that directs us towards a one-sided purpose without considering a full spectrum of interpretations, this way contributing to the polarization of opinions and eventually the hostility between different groups.

The one who finds himself in its bubble is massively directed like others to a single purpose of pleasing his original creator / precursor, thus forgetting his own ideals and serving the one who will obtain the greatest benefit from this ideology in the future.

Massive consumption of information without discernment or critical analysis is detrimental to human existence and purpose, threatening individuality and individual freedom. Without realizing it, the one who practices it creates his own trap and loses his freedom to exist becoming just another piece serving the one who moves them.

Arte: Puppets by Paul Klee