Why should I wake up early? How to Train yourself!7 min read

  • In the early hours you’ll find from 30 to 60 minutes to yourself;
  • Organize all stuff in the night before and wake up early;
  • Do something for you and feel refreshed for the daily activities;
  • Don’t wait until the end of the day to do it, you may face unpredictable tasks;
  • List all the morning tasks and calculate the time you should wake up.

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I’ve been waking up early for an year now, I can see a lot of pros and a few cons that you can see in this article. As people noticed my new waking up early habit they always asked me why was I doing this or what are the shortcuts to start.

First of all, each person has its own routine and biological needs, so there is no “one fits all” recipe to do things. What you can do is understand the benefits of it and adapt to your reality.

The main benefits of waking up early are:

  • You’ll find time to dedicate only and true to yourself
  • Doing something for yourself increases the chances of having a better day
  • Your day will have more hours to expend
  • Establish a better routine for yourself

Having that early time to yourself can change a lot of things, that’s because you can start that activity that you put away a few time ago in reason of having lack of time in your day or even dedicating to your health, doing 30 minutes of running, working out or greeting to the sunrise while meditate, having that time to feed yourself with good health and spiritual energy to face all daily challenges.

For every new thing that you do in life must be a day one and as usual it’s the most difficult one since it’s the first time that you are trying this new thing. Don’t wait until monday or create barriers to not do it in the weekend or even in the middle of the week.

  • Choose one day
  • Organize all your stuff in the night before
  • Set at least 2 alarm clocks in at least 2 different devices
  • Try to sleep a little bit earlier than usual

As you start your day earlier than usual, obviously you’ll face sleepiness during the day, but that’s ok, just don’t take a nap during this day because you need all that sleepness to get you in bet earlier than usual so you can start your new routine.

To make your new waking up early routine successful you should at least incorporate the following tasks:

  • Organize all your stuff one night before, like gym gear, ingredients for breakfast, work clothes and other stuff.
  • No caffeine after noon. Avoid any caffeine drinks. Caffeine effects can last at least for 5 hours in your body.
  • No heavy meals at night. Indigestion during sleep is not good for your body, specially high blood sugar or hearburns.
  • Stop procrastinating in your cell phone near bed time, screen brightness and all that brain stimulation in social media can fry your thoughts and put you away of a good night of sleep
  • Bed is for sleep or sex, don’t use it to think of problems or having awful arguments with your partner.
  • Don’t Think, when your alarm goes on get up and get dressed, if you think for a few seconds maybe you will get on sleep again.

Getting everything ready is easy, but now you must find something you wish waking up for. What kind of stuff you would to do to make your day better? Or stuff that you really would like to do and never had time for it. Have you ever thought of:

  • Yoga
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Sea or Pool Swimming
  • Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing or Muay Thai
  • Going to the Gym
  • Surf
  • Cross Fit
  • Dance Classes
  • Writing a book
  • Or simply going to the beach
  • Having a great walk with your dog

The main objective here is to do something for yourself that will recharge your energy for the day, something that will make you and your day better.

When is waking up early?

Early is pretty relative, as I mentioned before, each one of us has its own routine and needs. I suggest that the perfect time to wake up early is that time that will free from 30 to 60 minutes in your schedule so you can dedicate to any activity that’s important just to yourself. Forget about any other activity or responsibility with others, that period of time will be dedicated just for you!

Let’s have an example with a persona called Karen who:

  • 9am – Needs to get to work
  • 8am – Needs to be ready to go to work, to be right on time
  • 30 to 45 minutes – On Transit
  • 60 minutes – breakfast, bath and getting dressed
  • 60 minutes – dedicated only to herself
  • 15 minutes – random stuff that’s not in this list, like brushing teeth

Total amount of time spent before leaving to work is 3 hours, so her time to wake up should be 5am. Imagine that Karen will spend that precious 60 minutes going to the Gym, in the beginning she will face a lot of sleepiness during the early hours but as soon as she gets into her work out routine her body will wake up, oxygen and endorphine will be pumped through her vessels and when she gets at time she needs to go to work she will feel refreshed to face her daily activities.

If you have more to dos in your morning routine, just like taking kids to school or walking with your dog, just make a list of things, calculate the amount of time you spend and make that extra 30 to 60 minutes to dedicate to yourself.

You might be asking to yourself, why should I do this in the early morning and not by the end of the day just a regular person?

You have more chance to complete things in the early hours of the day than in its end, that’s because during the day you can face things that can move you away from your original schedule, things like, that 5pm job or meeting that appeared in your email, a sick relative that needs to go to the doctor, a lot of stress that you’ll get you down and other stuff.

Completing your activity in the early hours will fulfill the feeling of winning while you get things done to yourself, and by the end of, your body has already woke up and refreshed to any kind of challenges.

Setting the time of waking up, we go to the other ½ most important thing which is setting the time to go to bed. It’s pretty simple, if you want to wake up early, you must also go to bed early. But when is early?

Taking Karen as the example, imagine that she needs to sleep at least 6 hours per night and wakes up at 5am. So she needs to be in bed at maximum of 11pm, if she wants to have a perfect 8 hour sleep she would go at 9pm. When Karen starts waking up 5am, going to the bed earlier will be easier because she has already gotten tired during the day with all the activities that started at this time.

Remember, this is a Test and Learn process, and what I’m trying to show are some useful tips so you can adapt and make your own routine. Try to do it every single day, specially on weekends and I bet that they will last longer and you’ll minimize that negative thinking about the end of sunday wishing there would be no mondays afterward. Maybe you will feel a little bit sleepy during the day, but nothing that a 10 to 15 minutes nap can solve.

One day or other you might not wake up early for a different type of reasons, that’s normal because we are all humans not robots, but remember, don’t use this as a motivation of losing your time every single day and make it a habit.

Make your days longer, better and do the things that you always wished for, give a chance of waking up early!

Use the comments to tell me your experience or if want to ask questions or make suggestions!

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