Turning mondays into a better day4 min read

  • Treat yourself in the best way as possible making good choices;
  • Wake Up Early and do something, exercises you’ll make you feel refreshed;
  • Set your routine before and enjoy your weekend;
  • Avoid toxic people, just don’t listen to them when you meet;
  • You have control to go through it in the best way possible paying attention to all details that will make your day better.

It’s pretty common to feel bad about coming back to our responsibilities after a weekend or even a long period of a lot of fun. When getting closer to the end of this period, specially by the end of the day, the mind begins to be fulfilled with bad thoughts wishing there was no tomorrow.

The thoughts and the wishes are real, we all love having fun, taking long afternoon naps and eating all kinds of delicious food but the reality is waiting for us, filled with responsibilities and annoying tasks, so there are no choices or even an escape, so we must embrace it and get it done!

But how can we get it done if the days like these seems to be endless, our concentration is almost like as a fish in the middle of the sea and you just don’t know what things you need to focus on because your mind is all messed up thinking about how bad is restarting this routine.

From simple things that I’ve been learning lately I could minimize or even end those feelings.

1 – Treat yourself in the best way as possible

That’s it, monday is coming up, why not begin it in a good way? For that you need to treat yourself right, how about getting dressed with some of your favorite and nice clothes? Get a little extra time to set up that make-up and use that fragrance you love. I bet that when you pass in front of a mirror you will be happier to see yourself looking good.

What about having nice meals during the day? I’m not saying that you should eat that glorious extra big cheeseburger, but why not going to a nice place to have lunch or breakfast? If you are the type of person that enjoys company, invite that best friend, or if you like to stay quiet during mondays just go by yourself, don’t feel guilty to avoid people, it’s monday and you need to have self respect about your preferences and stay in a better mood. And remember choose foods that will improve your health, avoid eating a lot of sugar and fat.

2 – Wake Up Early and do something

Previously I gave some tips about why waking up early and how to do it, and the reason of it is especially because you can start the day in the right way having that extra early time dedicated just for yourself. I suggest going to the gym or doing any type of exercise because you will be able to wake your body up while increasing oxygen, endorphin and a lot of other good substances. I surely know that at least the first 15 minutes of exercise you will feel like trash, but by the end of you will feel amazing and refreshed to start the day.

3 – Set your routine before

Don’t be the person who defines the day by the time you check your long, full and boring email box. Set your monday routine in the previous week or day, preferentially on fridays so you can forget about things and enjoy even more the weekend. If you are going on vacation why not setting up the day you come back to work? Why not guessing the future daily demands. Set your routine, have fun and when you come back all tasks are set so you can start the day.

4 – Avoid or don’t pay attention to toxic people

Every single person knows someone that will complain about everything, especially mondays or end of holidays, do your best to avoid those kind of people. Complainers will share only negativity and can let you down with a lot of criticism, but sometimes it’s hard to avoid them so just don’t listen to them.

Of course when you meet them they will say, “oh I hate mondays”, “oh, so the holidays are over and we got back” or even “oh you look bad”. There is nothing you can do about it, just answer some random stuff, say that you have a meeting or agree with them, and return to your path to get monday done in the best way possible!

Mondays are the first day of the week, the first chance to get things right, everybody knows that it’s difficult to handle it, so why sharing bad thoughts about it since you can’t change it. You only have control to go through it in the best way possible paying attention to all details that will make your day better.

So what do you think about mondays? It sucks right? So tell what you do to make it better.

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