Jan Purisco

I like Triathlon, Jiu-Jitsu and Linux, focused on learning new techniques to optimize life quality and performance to reach professional and personal objectives.

Purisco.com will be the place where I’ll share my experiences and learnings on business, spirituality and health.


MBA in IT Management at FGV-Rio and Bachelor in Digital Media Design at PUC-Rio.

Works at L’Oréal Brazil as a business partner translating needs of Marketing in Digital IT solutions. Acts in strategies involving platforms such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sitecore, VTex, Demandware, WordPress, iOS and Android. Also, responsible for BeautyHack – 1st L’Oréal Brazil Hackathon.

Over 5 years of IT experience in plenty diverse subjects as agencies, entrepreneurship and diverse teams. More onLinkedin.


Social projects that I’m identify myself and participate in order to have a positive influence at the community we live in.

Projeto Social Mãos a Obra Providência, offers free Jiu-Jitsu classes for kid and adults, located in Providência community in Rio de Janeiro.

Projeto Juquinha, works on inclusion of kids and teens with cerebral paralysis and down syndrome, located in Paragminas city in Tocantins.

Carteiro Amigo dos Animais, postman that helps abandoned, accidented animals in São Paulo. Besides that, he is the best friend of all dogs of his city.