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Este artigo está em inglês pois foi publicado no Geek Mental Help Week.

Back into the beginning of 2012, I was involved in my college’s final project in my Digital Media Design’s degree. At that time I was trying to get my degree, be a great jiu-jitsu fighter and then go for a MMA career while being a designer. I always thought that I could do both things together until the time I had to choose one of them.

At my college project I was trying to get to know more about users and how they were consuming information, that process would take 1 year long, with two modules, as usual for all students. In the process I was forced to make that first module twice before I succeed to the next one, just because I couldn’t reach the level or because the researches changed the whole project’s path, so I got really late next to my other friends, but meanwhile I was winning championships in jiu-jitsu.

When 2013 began, I was focused in archive the best results in college and jiu-jitsu, I was really affraid because I couldn’t repeat that module again, but all things were good, because I really found what I needed to do with all the information I’ve collected in that whole year of researches, so I was about to do a web app based on layouts and coding.

So I was studying and training a lot for those 2013’s championships, and preparing myself to fight MMA too, just having something like 4 or 5 hours of sleep for night and having just sunday to get a rest. But then, one day, I pushed myself so hard in training that I began to feel really tired and with an awful headache, that persisted for 1 week.

So I rushed into the hospital, and discovered that I was stressed out. But how could that be? Just stress? Yes, just stress was doing that to me, my blood pressure was pretty high and things would be even worse if I continued that type of living. I wasn’t able to sleep very well, didn’t have much time to just be away from all the things I was doing, so my body started to complain about, and soon I would be forced to take medicine to handle all that stress in my mind.

I could see that, I wasn’t able to have that double-type of life, both project and MMA training were in need for more attention, if I kept doing both of them, I could or get sick or neither do both of them right, so wouldn’t reach quality or success or not even in one of them. So I chose to dedicate to my design project and have a good amount of sleep while jiu-jitsu got stopped until I have more free time to do it.

While doing my design project, I was able to discover a new path in my life, I could really see what design really means and how could I be part of this world. That’s a thing that I could never discover doing that double-type of life, because it was a result of hours and hours of pure dedication, so I was collecting its rewards.

I figured out that most of time we want to be/make a lot of things together but sometimes that can’t be so good, just because you can get really stressed out or not even doing most of them in a right way. It happens just because in life, if we wanna succeed to success you have to dedicate just to one thing. You can be a good designer, a good developer and a good fighter too, but if you wanna be the best, you have to choose just one of those, and set your life to run around that main priority, and don’t forget to have fun and rest, because those two can refresh your mind feeding it with some nice ideas and solutions.

Remember that we only have one life, the same person that goes to work, goes to other places, so always set your priorities and manage your time as its best, so you could reach the maximum of your life quality without spending the money your earn in medicines.


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